Smart robot for Improving in high-mix, low-volume factories!
Small-sized processing plants have various problems that hinder automation-high-mix low-volume production, small production lots, processing equipment that changes from day to day, the absence of robot engineers. Our robot system can solve them by teaching-less configuration and easy operation.
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Machine tending robot for NC lathes for flexible manufacturing
NEW World Premiere
Robot system for automation of work supply developed for small-sized processing companies. Various problems that prevent automation are solved by the automatic teaching function, simple interactive setting, easy-to-move retractable caster, and various mechanisms that realize reliable work transfer. Please feel it is really useful in high-mix low-volume production and with zero robot knowledge.

Container-type work supply unit
NEW World Premiere
Realizes continuous automatic supply of work put in the container BOX normally used at the factory. By placing the BOX containing the work on the trolley, it is possible to take out and supply a variety of works to processing equipment without complicated teaching. After processing, the work is stored in the BOX again and returned to the trolley for easy transportation to the next process.
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Oct. 22 [Thur]
12:00 ~ 13:00

Smart robot for Improving in high-mix, low-volume factories!
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